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Sheer Tulle Corset

icon-smMarta shares her experience of creating a beautiful corset out of this sheer material and pinpoints some key discoveries about working with transparent fabrics.

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  This is awesome!!

I really love the way it looks :-)

I was thinking about color: since that type of tulle (I think it is the petticoat tulle) is usually made just in black and white, do you think it could be possible to add an over layer of softer colored tulle?

  Thank you!
I found some colourful types of tulle on-line (many colours to be honest), yet I am not sure if they are as stiff and strong as this one.
As I wrote - this fabric was bought by chance.
I think it might be fun to try different satin accents for example. Red satin would match black just perfect, or blue satin and white tulle. :-)
  I was wondering what the sticky paper is called and where you got it?  
  It's a kind of self adhesive colourful paper children usually use at school during art lessons. (At least in Poland :-) )
You can buy it in most art shops.
  Oh okay, great! I'll check my local art stores then!  
  If I may ask, what sort of tulle did you use?
I assume it's a non-stretchy type but I am just not sure what type to buy/where to get it.
  This is the non stretchy, really sturdy one. In Poland it's just called tulle.

What might help is that it stretches on the bias only and its woven like net. And it makes a lot of mess when you cut it, as the threads are not 'glued' together. That's why I zigzagged the edges.
Hope it helps.

  Um... How tough is it? I remember an earlier article someone ended up using window screen :D there's also camel hair that anachronism in action used. That sounded promising. The stuff that's often labeled "tulle" I'm thinking of here in American fabric stores is the super light floaty itchy stuff that makes little girls with fairy dresses happy! I know! I've got one!  
  Is there a website that I can get that fabric at in the U.S.  
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