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Elastic ribbon corset

icon-smElastic ribbon corsets give you the look of a corset, but with the comfort of modern garments. Izabela explains what it takes to create one.

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  Thank you for the article. It is well written and instructive. I do like the last one with the leather panels. I would like to make a ribbon corset this year and your efforts and success's will make it much easier. Jeri  
  This was amazing. I also espouse the amazingness of a bespoke custom corset but have been looking for off the rack items I could make and sell at faires and festivals. I bought my first off the rack corset ten year ago, and ended up with one far too short for me. I could only wear it for intermittent periods as the boning dug painfully into my hips. I resolved that if i ever offered stock corsets, I would try and make sure my customers did not have the same experience. This may be just the answer. Thank you!  
  Brilliant - just what I've been looking for. Many thanks.  
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