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iconInformation on anything other than the simplest latex corsets is sparse. Melanie takes on a more complex experiment.

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This is just a brilliant article - love to see something different and a quality article with great results and photos! :)
Thank you very much for your compliment on my very first article :) It makes me happy, that it pleases you!
This is so great!! I am a novice latex user, and my first attempt was making a corset! It was my favorite learning experience and I made a second one. I didn't use any eyelets to close it though. I used hook and eye closures that were rubberized. I'd love to chat about your experiences!! I love latex and would love to make more pieces!! I put the waist tape in first and then put the boning channels on over it. I did not employ the sandwich method though, but I did use a seam allowance and the center front was one piece and did not have a busk. I used spiral steel for the sides and flat steel for the center back. The hook and eye closures were hidden as well. Cheers lady!!
Hello likeloislaine!
I am sorry for the late reply, I totally overlooked it.
If you want to create more latex and talk about experiences with others, you can contact me. Best via my Facebook-page, because that is where I am most frequently online (see website link)

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