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icon smSewing with fine, slippery fabrics like silk crepe, gauze, habotai and chiffon can be scary. Marion aims to help us navigate these rough waters.

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tristen star
I see your FB posts and would love to learn more about sewing undergarments & work with delicate fabrics. Thank you, tristen
Hi Tristen,

There are couple of ways to access articles on the site. You can take out a subscription which will give you access to every article, including this one. There's more info on membership here:

There are also some older articles that we have made free to everyone and they are a great way to see what kind of content we offer. You can find those here:

Harman Hay Publications

Thank you! This is most helpful.
Thanks. Those tips on cutting look to be vey useful-- and might just help me overcome my fear of working with such fabric.
These are wonderful tips! Thank you for sharing. I have a few to share as well. I use soft, medical gauze tape (Nexcare). It tears easily by hand and has very low tack so it's repositionable and doesn't leave any adhesive residue on my fabrics. I'll also use various sized Wonder Clips (primarily the large green and medium red) to carefully chomp the selvedge edge to my cutting mat. This allows me to keep the grain straight and helps to keep large swaths of fabrics in control on a large cutting mat. I purchased two sizes of large, smooth sided metal washers with pretty good heft (from Amazon) for fabric weights. I use a copious amount to keep any fabric/patterns in place and since they're smooth, I can move them out of them out of the way with one hand while using the rotary cutter. I also use my abundance of clear rulers to smooth out and hold down fabric, but I really love your suggestion to use a protractor on the edges- that's brilliant!!
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