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Piece of the Silverado patternUsing the Silverado corset pattern as an example, Laura Loft shows exactly how to alter a commercial pattern to fit like a professional one.

silverado2-iconLaura takes us step by step through altering the Silverado corset pattern to fit the required dimensions.

silverado2-icon Last week, Laura covered the horizontal adjustments to the Silverado pattern. This week she completes the adjustments by covering the vertical dimensions.

Silverado part 4Looking at the cutting and marking process in more detail than ever before - get some new tips by seeing how the pros do it!

Silverado part 5Continuing the Silverado series, making a professional corset step by step, with Laura's long-awaited how-to for External Boning Channels.

Sliverado Corset part 6Continuing the series, making a professional corset step by step with Laura's long-awaited Two Layer "Cheat" Method for boning channels.

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