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thumb 21 1872 corset smLuca has caused a sensation with his thoughts on synthetic whalebone, so we've invited him back to tell us more about his work.

icon smLowana discusses her life in corsetry, including tips on business, photography, and making your professional dreams a reality.

icon-smLucy Williams (aka Bishonenrancher) is a passionate corset wearer and collector. She shares her experience of corsetry as a customer and a maker.

Solaced by Lucy WilliamsMany enthusiasts will know Lucy, beloved advocate in the fight to promote safe, happy, empowered corsetry. We celebrate her new book.

Karolina-L-smThis week we interview Karolina Laskowska, of Karolina Laskowska Lingerie, about her past, present and exciting future plans.

Royal Black Corsets InterviewBarbara Pesendorfer produces some of the most extravagant and distinctive corsetry and costume in Europe. But you might know her better as Royal Black.

icon smJemma McLean discusses her stunning couture work, her "cage" corsets, her inspirations, and some tips for corsetry businesses.

icon free smJenni discusses three corsets that she recently saw on a trip to Somerset House, the Bath Fashion Museum and The Barbican.

 Atelier Sylphe InterviewJoëlle of Atelier Sylphe isn't an easy corsetiere to categorize; blending historical corsets with modern styling, and mixing with a touch of whimsy.

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