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mark-g-icon We talk to Mark Garbarczyk, a British foundationwear maker who's tried and rejected formal training in favour of taking his own learning journey...

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It is so nice to see retro undie style featured on this site! I vote for more retro styled stuff as a change from the Victorian influence.
I've fancied doing the BA Contour Fashion course to compare modern with old methods of drafting and sewing. Perhaps its just as well I don't have the money!


Love to know more, lovely clothes, interesting guy...
I sometimes wonder whether more of us should set up in partnerships.

"You must be ACCURATE with your work. I cannot stress this enough."

Yes, yes, yes :-D

Interesting article, always good to see other people's POV.

I've heard so many bad things about that course in Leicester it's unbelievable. At one point it was my dream to go on it...
Very interesting feature! Would love to know more about calculation of negative ease.

I agree with him about the bad educations in this sector. I've had similar disappointments in my country (Belgium).

I would love a tutorial on bra drafting, it's something I haven't found any information on yet and it wasn't included in the patterndrafting course I've taken.

To corsetra
I will see if I can put up some 50s inspirited design and pattern ideas in the future, Merry Widows and other shape wear.
To d_gold
London Collage of Fashion now does a Contour Fashion course. The tutors at De Montfort ran around like headless chickens when they found out.
As to partnerships, I am still financially reeling from going to De Montfort so at the moment I could not bring any money to the table for a partnership.
To galadriel
Follow your dream but to the London Collage of Fashion or Central St Martins, two of their students came first and second in this years “Triumph International inspiration competition”. De Montfort, third place is no place.
To bernicia
I will see if I can put up an article on negative ease, I have made an Excel spread sheet that simply works out neg body/pattern measurements from the stretch characteristics of your fabric.

Corset hugs

these bra articles are the best of the best,I love this site but the bra stuff is the cream for me,more more more please
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