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Emerald Edwardian by Dragontown CorsetsBrooke, of Dragontown Corsets, has over 10 years of experience in corsetry. A consummate professional who believes in apprenticeship, she was only too happy to spill the beans...

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Very good. I've thought about doing the double layer for boning channels but haven't tried it yet. Will certinaly try it now!
I am currently working on a corset using this method (well, something very close to it). I thought it would be a nightmare to line up all of the layers correctly, but so far this method has actually be easier than most I have tried. Thank you so much Brooke!


I have one of Brookes very early corsets, and it still gets great feedback whenever I wear it and looks brand new! I also have that Reader's Digest book, and you'd be surprised how often I refer to it in my costuming and corseting experiments!
I thought this interview was great. I also create corsets with 4 layers and I love the smooth lines that I get. I also would like to thank Brooke for her helpful hints...especially backing the brocade with fusible BEFORE it is cut. I am definately going to try that.
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