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Letters mar2010 iconTwo questions and a short story on the Letters page this month: how to make a set of the 1660 watered silk stays from the V&A, alternative lacing and where to find colored eyelets, a short story from 1913.

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I say! what a saucy tale ;)

On the washer/eyelet front, I get my coloured 2 part eyelets from Le Prevo which is a UK based leather working suppliers. They do an assortment of sizes and all the punch and setting equipment you need for them too...

Jema, (or anyone else with a reply) I think I have seen that site before but since they were so much cheaper than Prym eyelets and washers I thought automatically that they couldnt be as good. Are they durable enough for a real corset?
Is it the "normal" eyelets you order or the sail eyelets?

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