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RSI: Prevention and Treatment

icon smSewing and corsetry can be tough on our hands. Marion discusses her RSI story, and explains what she's done to help herself heal. 

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  Great article, Marion! What really works for me (in addition to stretching, diet, and all the rest of it) is swimming, 45min, three times a week - breast stroke and back stroke really help counteract the hunched posture. I avoid front crawl for obvious reasons - it only exacerbates the problem - but the others are bliss!  
  Shoot, my first try commenting got lost in the ether! This is really important stuff, thank you for writing this. I too am dealing with a fussy RSI, and it really isn't fun. Prevention is definitely the better way, since solutions can be hard to come by! Personally, I've tried massage, physio (albeit with a not-so-impressive kinesiologist), chiro, and ultrasound/TENS for my issue when using a wrist brace (which are normally great!) transferred the stress from the activity to my shoulder.

Advil and a heating pad are my friends when the going gets tough, but magnesium oil is also great for inflammation. Fairly instantaneous relief, and it encourages the muscles to relax. :)
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