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icon-smAnna outlines a rough schedule, the materials you'll need, and takes a look at scaling and mocking up the pattern for this Edwardian underbust corset.

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Salem Barksdale
Cool. Why do I have to make this comment so long. I just want to read the article.
Hi there Salem,
I'm guessing the reason you can't see the whole article is because you don't have a membership yet. Some of our articles are free for all to see, but others are for members only. You can find out about the various membership options at https://www.harmanhay.com/amember/signup. There are discounts available for students and seniors, and membership means you receive new articles each week, as well as opening the doors to our whole archive of historical articles, covering everything from research and interviews, to construction and traditional techniques.
Please feel free to email us on info@harmanhay.com if you have any further queries.
Polly Aron - Harman Hay

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