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IconA historical classic gets a glamorous modern twist for your next photoshoot or burlesque project. Suitable for beginners!

Corset Elastique, redrawing of 1803 fashion plate from Le Corset (1905) by Doctor Ludovic O’FollowellThe Corset Elastique, or Elastic Stay, is an interesting oddity in the little-known world of Regency era corsets. Amanda investigates.

1803, Louis Leopold Boiley, Passer PayezIn the Napoleonic period, what was once taboo came out from hiding, along with the natural female form. Suddenly, it became necessary to keep the world from glimpsing too much.

icon-smSégolène studies a set of stays that are a rare surviving example of mid-18th century functional, working class undergarments.

Marie Antoinette, 1780Dresses of the 1770s-80s were worn over a “bum” or “rump,” but there is little extant evidence as to what shape and proportion these rumps took.

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