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Marie Antoinette, 1780Dresses of the 1770s-80s were worn over a “bum” or “rump,” but there is little extant evidence as to what shape and proportion these rumps took.

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Great article. I love the level of detail both in the academic and in the practical application. Seeing the differences in each way of doing things is also very interesting.
Seeing the different types on more than one body type is superb.
A wonderful and practical article, Kendra. Thank you! I loved that you attempted examples from text sources as well as visual ones, and for 2 sizes. I found it extremely enlightening!
- Alyxx

Great article, and so helpful to see the different shapes and sizes. I meant to make one of these for myself last week, and hadn't yet, so it's also very timely! I think I'll be changing which shape I try. Thanks!
Thank you for doing the amount of work that most of us can only dream about , congratulations !
Fantastic! Fabolous tutorial!!!
Why not open a tutorial on how to close the clothes before? Especially those with a harness, I can not believe that they were only pinned with pins on the bodice. And in the clothes of the film, where the closures and how they can be so still, even if the wearer moves as you want? corset allowing

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