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Corset Elastique, redrawing of 1803 fashion plate from Le Corset (1905) by Doctor Ludovic O’FollowellThe Corset Elastique, or Elastic Stay, is an interesting oddity in the little-known world of Regency era corsets. Amanda investigates.

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Fascinating. Wonder how many injuries happened when 'bands...composed of springs made of “silk, catgut, cotton, hair, worsted, thread, and such materials twirled, twisted, or curled so tight as the materials will bear” ' broke under wearing stress!

I keep researching (thanks to great articles here) the year 1812, and it seems there is definitely some choice as to which stays/corsets would have been used, depending on age, figure type, fashion level, etc. for that particular year. These short stays,and the non-elastic type, are they usually pre-1810? Were the longer corded & busk versions more usual post-1810? Did people still wear short waist boned petticoats post-1810?

Thanks again for such wonderful articles. Now, off to find some tiny brass metal springs, and to try what happens when I wind up silk, cotton, worsted or cat-gut to the point the materials will bear! Just because I'm curious.

I've wanted to copy the Abiti Antichi stays for over a year now, but I have no idea where to find tiny springs. Any source ideas?
@Bookwyrm : An online french corsetry store sell some very tiny springs, I hope they're what you're looking for^^

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