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1904 CorsetTrying to date a particular corset, track changes in lingerie fashion down to a few years, or just looking for new inspiration? Plenty here to keep you busy...

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A lot more information and detailed pictures than the Velda Lauder book I've just got! Thank you:)

I've always had problems finding corset-related stuff on this site. Do you look for clothing and dry goods catalogues and then search inside? Or?...

I have just found this which people might like:


A corset named 'Flirt'!

*Sigh* There goes my life..

A wonderful source of inspiration and information. Thanks very much for doing this article.

"Flirt" and "gipsy"! Good finds d_gold :-D
D.Gold, At the moment its kind of a treasure hunt with Archive.org. There used to be a full text search with OpenLibrary.org, but its been unavailable for the last few months.

So to find books, I hunt by subject and then search for corset inside the book, until they get the full text up and working again.

For the Winterthur collection, it was a case of stumbling into a vein of info on accident, I was looking for something else completely and found these.

Thank you Marion.
Not just me then!

that wonderful information. is very substantial indeed and complement more knowledge of all corsetmakers.:-);-)
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