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pasties-iconToday many burlesque performers commission pasties (small nipple covers) to match their costumes, so the ability to make them is a valuable commodity for a corsetmaker.

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Thanks so much for this. I've already been approached by a lovely burlesque dancer for work this new year and can't wait to get started! I'd got pretty far by myself, but this put me light years ahead without having to reinvent the wheel.
One question: should we just sew the tassels to the center of the cone by their hanging cord? That was my thinking.

There are a couple if ways of doing this - I choose to sew by hand, but some people use a very small eyelet in the center and knot the tassel cord at the back. It changes the way they twirl, apparently :)
In spite of this text very interressant and well detailed , me does not understand how the pastiile sticks on nipples...confused
It says in the article about using tape or eyelash glue :)
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