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1921 Brassiere

icon-smEarly C20th lingerie evolved to compliment new fashions. Jennifer studies the brassiere as seen in 1921: half corset; half snug fitting, structured tank top.

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miranda van der merwe  
  Hi Jennifer. I just want to thank you for this article on the 1921 Brassiere. It is a really encouragement for me, as I am struggling to make my first type of bra for myself. I am thankful for your experience and sharing your own measurements here, which helps me in trying to draft this brassiere, as my bust is also definitely the size of a DD+. I am delighted to be introduced to Mrs Conover, through your article. I've downloaded her booklet for making underwear, as directed by your article. I find the modern bra-making tutorials too advanced for me, making me despondent as a beginner homesewer. At least now I have something that I can attempt that is not way over my head. I read the books of another sewing instructor, Lucille Rivers, from USA around 1950/60 and she also stressed to use a basic commercial pattern as a sloper, rather than than trying to make a sloper from your own measurements. Much easier for the beginner and less chance of failure! Thank you. God bless you  
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