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Playboy Club Bunny Suit 2

Playboy Club Bunny Suit 2 by Mark GarbarczykMark takes his Playboy Club Bunny Suit research to the next level by constructing an authentic Bunny uniform of his own.

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  Thank you Mark for this excellent articles, I'm impatient to read the last part!
I have a question ; why a metal zipper is better than a polyester one?
  Hi venefice
It all depends on the garment. A plastic zipper is good for garments that may get wet or will be washed frequently.
I have used metal for the “look” in the Bunny suit.
Corset Hugs
  Hi Mark,

Thanks for such great articles. Please public your own books, I would love to learn more from you. Also, could you please write instructions to pattern draft men's undergarment? I found no resources on this matter.

Just a small question:
- On part 1 - the cradle line: Does it always need to be 6 degrees? Will the angle increase if people have big chest girth?

Hope to see more articles from you.


  Hi xuantuan0406
Believe it or not I would not know where to start with men’s undergarments! Although I could do some boxer shorts as they are cut down trousers but a vest and pants just doesn’t inspire me.
The 6 degree in on the side seams is a way to correct for rib cage shape, we are not a simple inverted cone, it stays the same for people who have big chest girth

Corset Hugs
Rebecca Balent  
  I actually worked as a costumer in a Playboy Steakhouse in the late 80s. They were using heavy nylon zippers, not metal at that time.  
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