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icon-smJennifer discusses the circular flounce chemise, which adds even more fluidity and femininity to the shape and drape of the standard early C20th chemise.

icon-smJennifer guides us through drafting, fitting and decorating a vintage Edwardian-style princess slip; a useful item of underwear in any lady's trousseau!

icon free smJennifer constructs a 1920's Envelope Chemise - foundation garment for those stunning 'Flapper dresses' - in a way that is fun and practical.

icon-smEarly C20th lingerie evolved to compliment new fashions. Jennifer studies the brassiere as seen in 1921: half corset; half snug fitting, structured tank top.

icon-smAnna introduces us to making our own shapewear - allowing you to create retro-inspired pieces especially designed for and to match special outfits!

icon-smTaking the block pattern from her previous Envelope Chemise, Jennifer creates more fabulous 1920s-style lingerie; a Step-In Chemise and Ribbon Camisole.

icon-smJennifer guides us through the process of making a pair of 1922 circular open drawers, or tap pants, as some people call them, from period instructions.

Bunny Suit 3 by Mark GThe finishing touches to the Bunny Suit (includes patterns), and how it can become a basis for showgirl & burlesque outfits too!

finished-iconAs fashion changed in the early C20th, so did underwear. Kelly guides us through the making of a teens brassiere, or corset cover, to go under an evening gown.

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