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In Beatrix Potter's classic story the Tailor of Gloucester, countless talented little mice completed an ornate waistcoat in the night when the tailor fell ill.

In Disney's Cinderella, a family of little paws likewise laboured through the wee hours to fashion a gown fit for a queen.

And today, here at Harman Hay Publications, an army of tiny paws are clapping in glee that you have decided to join (or re-join!) our happy throng. They are scurrying up and down the varnished floors of the Harman Hay Publications office preparing your special Membership, their little fingers and toes pattering across tiny keyboards as they dream of the fabulous handmade corsets, stays, gowns or linens that you will soon be creating and wearing with the help of what you will learn with us.

Meanwhile, our quick Help guide will get you started with us and help you to manage your membership.

A warm welcome to you, and here's to your sewing success!

Best wishes,

Cathy Hay and the Harman Hay Publications team