SquarepicMichelle uses the FR Symington drafting method to create a surprisingly comfortable and accurate corded corset.

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Stunning corset. Great article. Thank you.
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Thanks for the article.
When you say fused fashion fabric together with coutil is the fuseable glued on both sides so that you effectively stick the two layers together?
How do you do the double boning channels. Is there one strip centred over each seam and then another channel right beside it; or are there two strips either side of the seam; i.e. the edges of the channel strips sit on the seam line? Or do you use one double width strip of fabric and stitch two channels in it?
Did you place the grain lines perpendicular to the horizontal waist line as Cathy does in her draft or do you mark the waist line of each pattern piece at right angles to the centre line of each pattern piece and then mark the grain line perpendicular to the amended waist lines. Like Caroline Woollin describes in this article: http://foundationsrevealed.com/articles/corset-making/corset-construction/808-reduce-wrinkles-with-careful-cutting

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