icon smOur very first corset pattern with all horizontal seams. "Especially suitable for tightlacing" - what do you think? Will it work?

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THIS IS AN excellent pattern! Will defo try it soon. I am a fashion designer based in the UK. Thanks
Very interesting... I'm looking forward to learn how you sew the darts... I'm also wondering : What if you darted out the excess of fabric on a horizontal basis (because of this horizontal pattern..)? Do you think it would have worked ?
I'll be sure to include information about the darts in the next article!

And I don't think that would have made sense for this alteration. The direction the excess is darted out is based upon the alteration that needs to be made, not the directionality of the seams. Pinching out horizontally takes away from the height of the corset, rather than the circumference.

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