Fairy tales and folklore are my favorite reads. The Brothers Grimm story of Cinderella had stood out to me because she actually got a happy ending, even though it came with lots of blood. It's interesting and vulgar, and I love the descriptions of her ballgown. Silver and gold, made by faeries of the seasons. She was radiant.

To reinterpret the Grimm gown as a ballet inspired corset, I flatlined coutil with silver brocade, used a horsehair panel in the center front and fixed crystal Swarovski crystals to the horsehair. I drafted the corset with an 1878 pattern. The boning is 1/2" flat steel on the center front and center back, and 1/2" spiral steel throughout. The corset has gold accents, including gold grommets, piping, and crescent Swarovski crystals.




The horsehair and crystals look beautiful!
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