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FR17 imp runThank you for viewing my entry for the Foundations Revealed 2017 Competition! I decided to make something based on Theme 2, and used Cathy's "Draft a a Symington Corset Pattern" instructions to produce the pattern. When considering how to style the corset, I tried to think of ways to make the most of the straight pattern pieces. I liked the idea of using cording to accentuate them, and expanded this idea to include quilting and leather to produce an effect like a biker's jacket.


I found the instructions to draft this pattern were easy to follow, even though some of the steps seemed unusual! It was fun and interesting to follow along with something quite different and I found the resulting pattern fit well. I made some adjustments to the top edge to make a more cupped shape.


I made this corset using one layer of coutil, one layer of faux leather and one layer of lining fabric. Some pieces have a layer of foam between the leather and coutil to achieve the dimension on the quilted parts. For the bones I used synthetic whalebone from Vena Cava because I have read the articles about synthetic whalebone at Foundations Revealed and I was intrigued to test them out! I used flat steels on either side of the grommets and a gold colour busk.

When looking for fabric to make this, I found nothing suitable in local shops. I turned to Ebay and ordered faux leather there. Unfortunately I did not properly read the description of the product and it turned out the fabric I had ordered was very stretchy in all directions! I decided to try using it anyway, gluing each leather piece to the coutil, and found it appeared strong enough.

While I had wanted to use cording on the straight pieces, I could not achieve the look I wanted. I think this happened because I've never done cording before!  So instead I made fake cording using the same method I used for the quilted diamonds, but sewing straight lines instead.

To add further decoration I sewed gold beads to the intersections of the quilted diamonds. I also added zips and some faux hair-on leather to the top edge to keep with the biker jacket theme.


Overall I am happy with the look of this corset and I am very proud of myself for finishing in time, as I was very tight to the deadline. I think the plastic whalebones I used may not be strong enough for the corset. Although it's holding up quite well I could feel the plastic bending when I was wearing it.  Another thing I would change if making this again would be to add some shaping to the straight panels, especially at the hips, although I enjoyed learning how to draft this unusual Victorian pattern and adding a modern twist to it.



I really love this corset. The back especially reminds me of a leather fetish corset that I have seen, dating from around 1900 (from memory).
I love that you took a very old pattern and silhouette and made it modern with the faux leather, beading and stitching. I'm impressed that you managed to overcome the issue with the stretchy faux leather, I wouldn't have thought about glueing it to the coutil.

looking really good! and you've been verry brave sticking to your material choice. Bravo!
I am totally in awe of your patience and skill working with such a maddening matterial. What a dramatic garment!
Lovely corset! I think you achieved a beautiful shape, especially on the bust area! May I ask which thickness of plastic whalebone did you use?
The quilting is so beautiful!!
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