Abeille by Dario Princiotta   Abeille by Dario Princiotta

Abeille by Dario Princiotta   Abeille by Dario Princiotta

Abeille by Dario Princiotta


Abeille - Runner Up in the Improver category

Dario Princiotta, Italy (House of Dario Princiotta)


The Design

I am into the magic world of corsetry since I learnt how to sew, and finally this year was the time to join the Foundations Revealed competition! A joyful excuse to play with creativity. The insects theme was very interesting and finding inspiration was very simple to me.

The inspiration mainly came from bees and some species of furry wasps to produce something provocative, decadent and lightly romantic. My intention was to obtain a dramatic amount of different shapes and textures, both sharp and soft, perfectly fused together. The design had to look extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world, like a nymph. It was also a long time I wanted to include fur in a project so I decided to give it a try!

In the contemporary corsetry field everyone knows about Mr. Pearl. His work as an artist and a couturier is always in my mind. Emulating him is always a priceless pleasure. I often relate myself to my work in a very personal way, so it was clear that I will wear my creation for the shoots.


The Construction

As always I tried to give a historical flavour to the piece using all the finest details that I could, from the flossing, through the hand-painted label, to the stitch length. What could be better than perfectly aligned 1mm long stitches? Details are my secret lovers. Even the smallest, even the one hidden through the lining that no one will ever see, they worth all the little pains.

The corset is an under-bust which silhouette is based on the fashionable shapes of late 1870’s and early 1880’s, with a high waist under the ribs and a long rounded abdomen sustained by a dramatically curved spoon busk. It is made of Bordeaux silk taffeta roll-pinned over ivory silk douchesse and boned on each seam with steel bones. Each bone end is flossed with silk thread in a traditional sharp crossed design. The real challenge was to recreate the bee-like motif using the faux fur, creating something that looked like lace appliqué. I cut all the pieces and applied them to the corset with invisible hand stitches, mixing the colors to make it work.

In order to complete the look I sewed a little head piece combined with a traditional venetian mask called “moretta” or “muta”. The hat is sewn to resemble the head of a bee. It’s made using faux fur and characterized by black puffed tulle eyes entirely covered with hand sewn beads and sequins. The final touch is a pair of velvet covered antennae. Under the hat’s silk chiffon veil there’s the fascinating mouthless “moretta”, a black papier maché Venetian mask.


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

It was very exciting and stimulating. I tell them that it's never too late to take part in something new and have a really good time with someone who has the same interests. So be positive and let's start!



Emilie Derville
Wonderful work, really original...and great silhouette!!!
Claire Green
Beautiful work Dario.. lovely shaping and I adore the fur!
I love the historical flavor the the corset. The little details just make it.
So dramatic and the rich colours give it a real feeling of luxury. Adore the fur! Gorgeous work.
I absolutely adore this, such a beautiful shape, the use of the spoon busk and exquisite styling.
Bellissimo! I love the extreme shape and the flossing is beautiful.
Luscious! Decadent and luxurious with such thought of details and texture, the history shines through the construction
I love the attention to detail, and the beautiful flossing. The mask is fantastic!
The flossing and your fur placements are gorgeous!
It is beautiful! And I love the hat!
Beautiful lines, fantastic silhouette!
I love the styling, the details in fur and the head piece, it's very chic and elegant bravo!!!
dramatic and impressiv!
Wow, what an incredible shape and original design concept, with the fur!
Also I can totally relate to your attention to detail and I really enjoyed reading about all the thoughts you have put into this piece. Great that you decided to participate in the competition this year. :)

Wonderful work. It’s beautiful and haunting. Exquisite craftsmanship and artistry.

Wow! So happy to see an entry from you here; your corsets are art. <3 and proof that you don’t need a bunch of thick fabrics to get a dramatic reduction!
I'm so happy you decided to enter this year, Dario, I so admire your very distinctive and personal work, and I admire your dedication to extreme shaping. You have a singular vision that comes through, whatever the project... and your fearlessness in sharing your artistic vision with the world is an inspiration and a joy to see. Bravo!
Beautiful shaping and flossing
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