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Voting has now closed. Congratulations to you all, and thank you everyone for entering, commenting, sharing and voting!

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Urban Design by Junichi Yoneyama Urban Design by Junichi Yoneyama Urban Design by Junichi Yoneyama Urban Design by Junichi Yoneyama

Urban Design by Junichi Yoneyama Urban Design by Junichi Yoneyama


Urban Design

Junichi Yoneyama, Japan (Pure One Corset Works)

Photographer: GR-TAKA


The Design

For this year's competition, I decided to focus my theme around a city; a place defined by its architecture.

This corset is a map, and a visual representation of the delicate balance where man-made structures meet nature. The bright green streaks represent vegetation, the blue areas represent bodies of water, the abstract red projections represent buildings/electric light, and the dark purple sections represent shadows cast by these buildings.

This project was inspired by a Vivienne Westwood exhibition held in Harajuku last year. It was an extremely informative and thought provoking event which contemplated the serious impact climate change and excessive consumption have on our environment.

We all strive to live a better life. My influence may be small, but an accumulation of small changes lead to significant results, and I am optimistic that the struggle to overcome hardships we face as human beings will lead to a more peaceful and united world.


The Construction

I want my creation to suggest a better future where man and nature coexist in peace.
Using the quilt core, I made the fabric tension.
This corset has a special pattern operation.


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

I thought it was a very interesting theme. I hope many people will feel free to join.

More details on my blog 

This is so fun! The colours are beautiful and the pattern is exquisite. Congratulations !
Amazing work. I love the idea of a map corset, and you did it perfectly. How inspiring to see a Vivienne Westwood exhibition! Thank you for sharing this with us.
This is a really fun take on the theme! I love the dynamic use of colors and dimensional shapes!
Love the use of 3D, such a bold fun design. I love it!
This is so interesting and fun to see, something entirely different <3. And OMG great work on those curvy seams!!!!
I adore your playful use of creative pattern cuts and colour to cleverly interpret the theme. You have such a unique style and take such a brave approach to technical challenges, Perfectly Harajuku, and very thoughtful - I love it!
Your entry immediately brought a smile to my face!
What a fun combination of colours and shapes and I also loved the story behind this design.

Lovely work, and a really creative interpretation with your panelling and colours and what they represent.
I bet the pattern for this was a work of art in itself! And the end result is just as unique and delightful to look at.
Boom! This really stands out and is such an imaginative, energetic way to view the theme. I bet you had great fun coming up with this. It's so playful.
Oh my gosh! What I fabulous idea! I can totally see the map. Amazing construction, those curves! Beautiful work :) x
Wow, your patterning skills are amazing!
I love your entry. Such a good interpretation, your patterning skills are amazing, well done!
Lovely shaping and the patterning is amazing, great job.
The 3D and patterning are over-the-top fantastic! The inspiration is compelling!
marloes dadswell
What a joyous creation! Fabulous patterning skills!
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