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Voting has now closed. Congratulations to you all, and thank you everyone for entering, commenting, sharing and voting!

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LVX Aeterna by Haizea Arranz LVX Aeterna by Haizea ArranzLVX Aeterna by Haizea Arranz LVX Aeterna by Haizea Arranz

Haizea Arranz HaizeaArranz4 500px


LVX Aeterna

Haizea Arranz, Spain (Haizea Arranz)

Photographer: Vincente Serra

Model: Marta Nadal


The Design

The inspiration for the collection, and its relationship with the art world, is one of the major arts: architecture. I have chosen a specific style of this - Gothic architecture - and more exactly, the stained glass windows of the cathedrals of that period. I have based the forms and colors, as well as the volumes of the garments, in the aesthetic offered by these cathedrals. Vivid tones to represent light, and black for darkness. Two concepts that transmit to perfection the art and medieval society.


The Construction

As for fabrics, following a little the line of fabrics of the time, although not of the same material, damask and velvet are the main ones of the collection. Also the decorations of ribbons and trimmings. The making of the garments is artisanal, with most of the stitching of details being entirely by hand. The techniques used for the elaboration of the corsetry, include inner reinforcement with several layers of fabric and metallic bones.


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

It was a coincidence that I had just made a small collection with this year's theme, and I have encouraged myself to participate. I would encourage everyone to participate.


The colours and materials you have used are so beautiful, and the dress itself is stunning. Congratulations !
I love the deep colors and moodiness of the photos. Beautiful work-- I'd love to see it in person, because I'm sure the details are even better that way!
kitty mortensen
I love that you used velvet in the skirt- it is gorgeously used and it is a stunning piece.
The colours, materials and especially the silhouette are striking!
Also I really like how you have photographed the outfit. All pictures are very well fitting for the theme and showcase your design beautifully.

Using the skirt gores as the dramatic shapes for windows is such a great idea! The colours all reflect your concept so well, and I'm really impressed with the way you've handled the difficult velvet sections too - not an easy fabric! Well done :)
Absolutely gorgeous! I love the shape and materials.

Martina Frank
This is really special- I love the idea of light and darkness- the architects of the gothic cathedrals played so masterly with these two components, and you brought them perfectly to life into your dress. Complimenti!!
What a beautiful dress! And I love the look of the textures!
Beautiful sketch work, absolutely stunning photography--and the dress is breathtaking too, of course!
Your dress has such a beautiful silhouette. I love the deep v of the neckline and rich colours of the velvet with all the handwork.
This is so stunning and elegant! The color combination is beautiful and I really see your inspiration! It fits you so well and the silhouette is breathtaking, especially with the petticoat underneath! Well done!
This is beautiful, I love the use of velvet and colours and the silhouette is fab! x
I really like the way you played with the different materials and colours. The shape is lovely, beautiful design!
This is stunning, the colours, the shape and the fabrics all working together to produce a piece of wearable art
The fabric choices and colors are so striking! Beautiful dress!!
marloes dadswell
Such a lush little number! I'm a huge sucker for velvet and this is so gorgeous!
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