Urban Construction by Julia Elstring

Urban Construction by Julia Elstring Urban Construction by Julia Elstring

  Urban Construction by Julia Elstring Urban Construction by Julia Elstring




Urban Construction

Julia Elstring, Sweden (Myt Om Sydd)


The Design


The story behind my entry

I decided at the very beginning that all of my usual sources of influence and inspiration such as nature, mythology and history had to step aside for a time. My brain and fingers and the link in between needed this project to free themselves, find new ways and to develop.

Main idea
I took inspiration from light, contemporary, urban architecture. I tried to find main themes in buildings, designed and built today. To explore the relationship between organic and manufactured and the transition from architecture to garment.

The things that stuck after the design process, the gathering of inspiration and editing became my main themes.

Decoration and environment
The use of growth and gardens, built in to the surfaces of buildings as a way of decoration as well as a way of fighting pollution in cities.

The use of many raw materials. Wood, often completely untreated; steel in framework constructions, often left only painted with rust-preventive or not at all; concrete, unpainted but often brushed.

Colour and texture
Few and light colours. Keep a clean, not overworked or over-embellished surface.


The Construction

• The growth and plants is made from felted, hand-dyed wool.
• The fabric and leather pieces are backed with cotton twill.
• The sides are made from plastic corset bones and steel, covered with leather.
• The back is made out of layers of fabric and wood, pressed in to a shape, using a custom made wood mould.
• The collar is built out of layers of buckram, acrylic net, steel wire, and felt.
• The boning is a combination of plastic, steel and steel wire.

I drew the pattern from a basic block. I made a rather simple shape that fitted my sketches. The lacing is made at centre front and is covered with a front-piece.

Limitations and challenges
Working with materials that I am not used to in this project such as wood veneer and leather was really developing, but also took so much more time and energy than one might think. Friends and family are, as usual, invaluable in the creation process where you have to learn new techniques and are completely swallowed by the thoughts and obstacles that the project creates. The Foundations Revealed website and the talks and articles were a great source of constructive suggestions.


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

To enter the Foundations Revealed competition is a great opportunity to move your skills forward, to get new inspiration and to think outside the box. It is a good experience for both mind and hands to have someone else to choose the theme and time-frame. If you become a finalist it is just a great bonus.



This is a really gorgeous corset, and that collar is superb. Lovely work, congratulations .
This is so fun and joyful! I love all the succulent plants! Fantastic work!
Oh, WOW! I love how you've captured the sense of those sleek, modern green buildings that have plants on them to combat pollution... this is so cool! I love the caged texture and the sense of wood along the center back.
kitty mortensen
Well done! it looks fantastic!
Wow, what an unconventional and striking concept! Nature and architecture in combination are my two biggest sources of inspiration, so I tremendously enjoy how you combined both. Thu succulents on the collar are such a fun idea and I also love the see through side parts as contrast to the big strong shapes of the front and back.
Really terrific design and concept! I just love the juxtaposition of the clean urban lines with organic wall planting, very clever construction too, the huge collar maintains it's shape beautifully, the front panel covering the lacing is a great detail. Very well done :)
What a beautiful and creative interpretation of your inspiration! I love it!
Your collar piece is very impressive! There is a lovely contrast with the negative space side lattice panels too :)
I looove all that felting work! It looks like it took ages, but it adds such incredible color and detail to the whole look!
Lovely idea to look at architecture and nature, I hope this is how the cities of the future are. The first impact is your amazing free standing neck piece, such beautiful attention in the felted plants. You look like a faerie. My favourite part is your caged boning though, great geometry!
I keep coming back to look at this. I love the use of different materials in the corset, and the concept of creating a "green space" in the context of a building construction. The surprise of the panel coming off in front is wonderful, too!
What an inspiring approach to the architecture theme! First of all you have all my respect for the felted plants, they look so gorgeous. The combination of your materials is so creative and genius. I also love the side panel construction, it is such a great way to balance the heavy parts of your design. Stunning entry, very well done!
What! How! This is amazing! That collar is superb! And the pleating detail at the front is fab! Beautiful :) x
That collar is spectacular and all the felting you have done too, amazing concept.
Such a surprise closure! Everything about this piece is amazing!
This is so great! And I can see how proud you are wearing it. Very cool design, especially the design of the back!
marloes dadswell
I love how you have combined nature and architectural elements into one design so harmoniously! Beautiful!
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