3:10 to Marysville by Jennifer Horn      3:10 to Marysville by Jennifer Horn


3:10 to Marysville by Jennifer Horn


3:10 to Marysville by Jennifer Horn      3:10 to Marysville by Jennifer Horn



3:10 to Marysville 

Jen Horn, Kansas, USA


The Design

A theme like Architecture leaves one with so many possibilities, from faraway destinations to places that only only exist in the imagination. I decided to settle close to home, and be inspired by our local historic Union Pacific Railroad Depot. The building was designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood and built in 1929 in the Spanish Revival style. It was slated for demolition until the City of Marysville and Union Pacific Depot Preservation Society intervened. They have now embarked upon restoring the structure, most recently replacing the windows with period replicas and having a golden stucco reapplied to the exterior. Those two elements figured prominently in my design.


The Construction

I decided to use a tried and true pattern I drafted a couple of years ago and was the base of one of my favorite corsets. I then ended up choosing a welt seam construction method, as I didn’t want to fuss with a lining and my roll of boning channel tape had disappeared. The outer layer is silk, interlined with flannel, and affixed to herringbone coutil. I do not like using a fusible interfacing or web due to risk of delamination and how stiff the fabric becomes.

As the pattern and construction were familiar to me, I branched out by exploring some new embellishment methods. The hip fins were a new process to me, as was the smocking I used to evoke the Spanish tile roof. The beaded panel to replicate the large central window of the building was actually the most challenging part. I belatedly found to get the effect I wanted I needed beads that were a consistent size, and my seed beads were not.

Another interesting lesson was that while elements may look similar as you are planning them, when scaled down and put on a much smaller garment, what is a grand or intriguing detail architecturally can become distracting and busy on the corset. I ended up eliminating some details I had wanted to include but ultimately took away from the design. The finished piece is more “inspired by” than I originally intended; but I am far happier with the final outcome.


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

After attempting to design and finish a corset for this contest for many years, it is so satisfying to able to submit this. I know it’s intimidating to see so many innovative designs and it feels like it’s not worth it to enter if you can’t match that--but I finally realized it’s better just to make SOMETHING. Even if it’s not a groundbreaking design, I can take those elements I am familiar with and execute them to perfection.


The textures and colours in this are wonderful. You chose a really interesting building and made something fabulous based on it, congratulations .
I really love this- from the home town influence, to the textures and details. It's completely lovely- -well done!
kitty mortensen
I adore your tiles on your fins, they look amazing and so does your corset. well done
First of all - the fit of your corset looks amazing! Such beautiful smooth curves...
Apart from fit and construction I really like that you have chosen such a variety of different construction techniques and textures. That ties in really well with the theme and you have combined it beautifully in this piece.

Fantastic fit and shaping, the details are just the right size and quantity to evoke the building without overwhelming the design, which is really important. Love the quilted tiled hipfins so much!
Lovely work, with such gorgeously intricate details like the smocking and beadwork! It is a great interpretation of your inspiration!
Wow, I love the comparison between the smocking and the tiled roof! That's such a clever addition to the piece--and of course the construction is wonderfully precise as well!
Oh this is one good fitting smooth corset. The building you choosed is quite interesting and I really like the beadedand smocked part you've done! And the color combination is gorgeous!
It's so nice that you honored something close to home in your corset. The challenge of wanting to fit so much from your building onto a tiny garment is one I struggled with too, so super editing as the elements you decided to keep are really striking and show off some great techniques.
Love the smocking on the hip fins and the shape is lovely.
Such beautiful textures and the smocking on the hip fins is perfection! A beautiful tribute and I'm thrilled the depot has been saved!
marloes dadswell
Ooooh that smocking is so pretty! Really love how you integrated the building's details into your design!
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