Thin Blue Lines by Amy Craig Thin Blue Lines by Amy Craig Thin Blue Lines by Amy Craig Thin Blue Lines by Amy Craig

Thin Blue Lines by Amy Craig 


Thin Blue Lines

Amy Craig, UK

IG: Ohgloryglory

Photographer: Jamie Craig


The Design

The design was inspired by St Pancras Railway Station and the amazing exposed ironwork roof – I love seeing the internal structures of buildings used as a feature. I wanted to convey that feature in my design, particularly the idea of strength in such minimal design. I've always wanted to make a piece in this way after seeing a ventilated corset in the Symington collection. The station has a special place in my heart from travelling back and forth to the Midlands during my time at college, and now my husband and I celebrate our special occasions with a drink in the Booking Office bar.


The Construction

This is the first time I have attempted a design like this and so my construction method had a few trial and error moments! It still has some refinements to be made - the bust shaping needs improvement for one - and I will hopefully be making it again in the future. I used my own pattern design, keeping a normal centre front and centre back panel. The in-between spaces, top and bottom, were drawn on freehand and the bone channels measured off the pattern. The middle waist section had to be redrafted as I forgot to take body shaping into account - oops! It is constructed of coutil and a medium weight cotton. I fitted the middle section at top and bottom sections all together, then the boning channels on top, taking care with the placements over the waist section. I found basting them in place the most useful way to keep them from walking away whilst I was trying to sew them on. I found the channels tricky to make as neatly as I would like, and having to remove and re-fit the waist section had an impact on the neatness of my stitching. The front has a solid busk, with shaped flat steels at the edges. The rest are spiral steels with flats at the back either side of the eyelets. The binding was machine sewn and then hand stitched at the rear.


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

It's a great challenge to work to a theme and really nice to be involved in such an inclusive competition with a supportive community. I've really enjoyed it.



I've always wanted to an overbust cage corset, and yours is absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful work.
I love the way the cut outs look with the pattern of your fabric. This is a really cool design!
What a lovely personal story, you can definitely see the love in all the details here. Skeleton corsets are notoriously tricky to fit, but you've done a really good job keeping the unusual cut out shapes intact and properly architectural, I love St Pancras too and this made me smile x
I was literally in St Pancras yesterday looking at that roof! You've interpreted the design elements beautifully, well done.
Cage corsets are such a tricky thing to do and yours looks especially complex, with all these little detail shapes at the top and bottom of the panels. You've done a great job, even if it's not "perfect" in your eyes.
The shape of the cutouts and the material combination are my favourite part of the design. ^_^

Beautiful, I really love your interpretation of your inspiration as a cage corset. Lovely!
kitty mortensen
Im so impressed with this cage corset, It is so well made and I adore that it is made as an overbust and your choise of materials. Gorgeous work
Last edited on 05.03.2019 23:18 by Bernadette Banner
I think St Pancras station worms its way into that Special Place in anyone's heart who dares to step foot within sight of it! You've done it justice, the corset is beautiful.
Love the interpretation here and use of 'negative' space. Cage corsets are not easy and you have done a brilliant job - this will look stunning and give some va va voom to any outfit!
Last edited on 07.03.2019 13:23 by Damaris Luhn
I really like your inspiration and how you transformed it into your piece. These cage corsets are so exquisite and I guess very hard to work with. And I love this diamond shaped belt you did as well as the special cut out forms you did on the top and the bottom! You did a great job!
Turning that ceiling into a cage corset it inspired. I'd love to try it one day but I fear I'd spill through all the gaps! This looks really smooth though and the shapes you've created in the cutout areas add a lovely dimension to the silhouette.
The design and fabric choice is such a perfect combination! Wonderful!!
Love your interpretation of your inspiration and the shape you have achieved.
marloes dadswell
Such an intricate and difficult design, well done!!
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