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Cathy Hay in a red walking skirt looking up from the bottom of a grand staircase
Join in our first ever

Walking Skirt Course

If a vision of a full, fabulous Victorian walking skirt is dancing in your head, it's time to roll your sleeves up and make it happen.

This Spring the Foundations Revealed team came together to give you everything you need to create your own late Victorian/Edwardian walking skirt - and since it's our first time doing this, it's included in your membership.

With weekly classes, downloads, community, feedback and even "Get It Done" calls on which you can work together with other Stitchlings, you'll be wearing your best tailor-made skirt yet in just a few weeks!

Leah Christlanda

"If it wasn't for FR, I wouldn't feel brave enough to try or learn how to do the new things that I used to be hesitant about. Bring on those big sleeves and bonnets 1830s, I'm not afraid of you any more!"

Leah Christlanda

Course Overview

This 15-week course will teach you the fundamentals of pattern drafting, fitting, and sewing  through the process of creating a gored ‘walking skirt’ of the style popular for daywear in Western fashions of the 1890s and early 1900s (although you are welcome to make a different style of gored skirt if you prefer!).  

In the first section of the course, you will create and adjust your own pattern.

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried pattern drafting before! We will be using the straightforward shapes of the skirt draft to learn the core principles of pattern drafting, and you will be shown how to follow drafting instructions, how to adjust a draft to suit an individual body, how to alter a draft’s style lines, and how to manipulate the draft’s shapes and grainlines to achieve a particular drape and silhouette.  

In the second section, you will be guided through the full mock-up construction and fitting process.

You will learn how to make an efficient and effective mock-up, how to assess the fit of a mock-up on yourself or your model, how to approach common fit issues, and how to adjust a mock-up and transfer changes to a flat pattern: these skills will allow you to achieve well-fitting, flattering, and affirming garments, regardless of your stitching experience.


We know cutting your final fabric can be scary, so before you take this step we’ll give you our tips and tricks for successful cutting. You will also learn how to prepare and manipulate your materials to achieve best results: the murky world of interfacing, flat-lining, hem stiffening, and fabric treatment will be illuminated to ensure that you can focus on enjoying the sewing process instead of doing battle with a rebellious fabric!  

In the final section of the course, we’ll show you how to put the skirt together from start to finish, with detailed demonstrations of construction techniques to give you confidence on the parts you haven’t tried before (and on any fiddly bits you may have been avoiding!). We’ll also help you ‘level-up’ your sewing (on all your projects!) by showing you how to choose the best stitching and seam finishing methods to suit particular materials, aesthetics, and desired outcomes.

The final class will be a ‘graduation’, where you’ll have the chance to show off your work. Regardless of what speed you work at or what stage you get to, we can’t wait to see and celebrate all your wonderful patterns, successful mock-ups, beautiful stitches, first-time plackets, and completed walking skirt ensembles!

Recommended skill level

Students of any level are welcome in this course, but you will get the most out of it if you are currently working at the Apprentice level.

In other words, the course will assume that you have a basic knowledge of how to sew by hand or use a sewing machine (with a straight stitch and standard foot), and that you have used a pattern before (including unaltered commercial patterns).

You do not need any prior knowledge of pattern drafting, mock-up adjustment and fitting, or historical construction techniques.  

Beginners are welcome - and if that's you, we have an additional beginner's course in the archive that'll help you get up to speed. That's included in your membership too.

Cathy Hay red walking skirt
Cathy Hay in a red walking skirt, pretending to play the piano

Aims of the Course

We aim for you to walk away from the Course with more than a fabulous skirt. You will have a new set of skills that apply to any project:  


  • A complete, adjusted skirt draft and/or the ability to create and alter such drafts in future... but also a fuller understanding of key drafting and pattern adjustment techniques, which can be applied to a wide range of other historical and modern pattern drafts 


  • A fully fitted skirt mock-up, which can be turned into a petticoat if you choose, but also the ability to assess and fit skirt mock-ups in the future (with emphasis on fitting the waist, tummy, hips, and seat that can be transferred to other types of garments) 


  • A completed skirt in final fabric, but also the knowledge and confidence to plan and construct 19th- through 21st-century gored skirts in the future, using the fabric manipulation methods, stitching techniques, and seam finishes that are best suited to your materials, time frame, and desired outcomes. 

Week by week

Week 0: Welcome/Tools and Materials
In our welcome call, we’ll be giving you an overview of the syllabus and course content and discussing the types of tools and materials that you’ll need for the course.

Week 1: How to Research and Where to Start
Where do you begin sifting through possibilities? In this session we'll cover designing and making decisions about your skirt, including the degree of historical accuracy that you want, and help you make some clear decisions you can stick to.

Week 2: Drafting the Skirt Pattern
After showing you how to take an accurate set of measurements, we’ll talk about how to understand and follow drafting instructions in period manuals. We’ll then go through the process of drafting the basic skirt, adding in some additional elements like functional pockets.

Week 3: Initial Pattern Adjustments
How to make some basic adjustments to your pattern before you make your mock-up. You may wish to change the style lines and seam placement to suit your personal skirt design, or adjust in advance for any fitting or comfort concerns you may already be anticipating.

Two Catch-Up Weeks with Q&A
A chance to troubleshoot your draft, ask questions about the content so far, and get caught up on your project.

Week 4: Making the Mock-Up
How to make an efficient and effective mock-up: what should you make it out of, and how close to your final fabric does it need to be? What elements of style and construction should be included, and what can be left out? Which bits of the mock-up should you leave raw or just pin together?

Week 5: Fitting the Mock-Up
Now that we have our mock-ups ready to go, we’ll be looking at the fitting process: how to assess a mock-up and recognise fit issues, what order to address them in, how to make common fit adjustments, and how to transfer your changes back to your pattern. We’ll also be going over fitting mindset and managing expectations for the fitting process.

Two Catch-Up Weeks and Q&A
A chance to troubleshoot your mock-up, ask questions about the content so far, and get caught up on your project.

Week 6: Preparation and Cutting
Cutting fabric can be scary, but the key is in the preparation! This week we’ll be covering the process of preparing and cutting your final materials. We’ll be looking at fabric manipulation, additional layers like interlinings and flat-linings, seam allowance calculations, and tips for laying out and cutting your patterns efficiently.

Week 7: Main Construction
In this session we’ll cover the main elements of skirt construction, including sewing the layers and panels together, inserting pockets, constructing a placket closure, and putting the waistband together.

Two Catch-Up Weeks and Q&A
A chance to troubleshoot your final skirt construction, ask questions about the content so far, and get caught up on your project.

Week 8: Finishing Techniques
In our final instructional session, we’ll be putting the finishing touches on the skirt – we’ll show you techniques for finishing your hem, setting the waistband and applying fastenings, and adding any trimmings or decoration.

Week 9: Graduation and Celebration
A chance for you to show off your work, no matter what stage you’re at, and celebrate what you've achieved!

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Growing up in England, I was lucky enough to go to one of those beautiful, quirky historic schools, with old buildings, winding staircases, and a wonderfully eccentric faculty who were passionate about their work and their students. I felt "different"... like I didn't really fit into the outside world... and so I became obsessed with creating a world of my own.

I had my own ideas about who I was and my own agenda for my life. I realised that if I wanted to express myself by dressing as I really wanted to, I had to learn to sew... and the rest is, as they say, is history.

Hi! I'm Cathy Hay.

I'm a historical dressmaker on a lifelong journey to help creative makers find and express ourselves through our clothing. I'm a former Mathematics teacher, from a family of teachers... and now I want to bring that eccentric, historic feel and that sense of belonging to Foundations Revealed.

For many years after I left mainstream teaching, I tried to re-invent the wheel as a professional dressmaker, figuring out historic styles and couture techniques for myself from old books and online searches. But I soon realised that we could all get the wardrobe we want much faster IF we work together.

So here at Foundations Revealed, I've brought together all my favourite makers to mentor you in finding the confidence you've been searching for, and developing the skills you need to build a wardrobe you love.



welcome to


Foundations Revealed is an online membership community. Learn the historical, fantastical, couture sewing, and tailoring skills found in clothes made with love.

It's a self-directed resource that you use in your own time, with a secure, lovingly moderated community. After becoming a "Stitchling" you'll have the support you need to create whatever fabulous garment, outfit, costume or vision you have in mind.

  • Stop trying to piece these skills together from the free stuff on the Internet
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  • Get the help with YOUR weird and wonderful projects - the kind you're not finding in your local fabric store
  • Find a community of weirdos just like you 🙂
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Anna-Catherine Sendgikoski

"I have gained more knowledge on different aspects of sewing and of historical costuming than I would have ever learned anywhere else! I am quite confident in saying that Foundations Revealed is the best place for anyone who is interested in historical sewing, cosplay and sewing in general."

Anna-Catherine Sendgikoski

What's in the library?

Module 1

Sewing and Tailoring

Take your core sewing skills from "meh" to marvelous by learning how to

  • Research an idea
  • Put together a coherent design
  • Select suitable fabrics
  • Create or alter a pattern
  • Fit and sew a stunning garment that you won't want to take off


Module 2

Clothing by Era

Get specific on how to create the look of a particular time in history... or use history as your sourcebook for fantasy or futuristic looks of your own.

  • Early and Medieval design and construction
  • 16th, 17th, 18th century and Regency, all in detail
  • Breaking down the Victorian era, from crinolines to bustles to Edwardian elegance
  • Vintage and 20th century, including WW1 styles


Module 3

Corset Making

Your complete go-to source on historical and modern corset making, unparalleled anywhere

  • Actual historical patterns from the 1500s to 1910s
  • Guides to well known modern patterns, materials and design
  • All patterns tested and reviewed for you
  • In depth guides from modern makers on patterning and fitting
  • Historical and modern construction techniques
  • Embellishment ideas for the creative corset artist


Module 4

Lingerie and Bras

All the underpinnings, historical and modern, to get the complete look

  • Early period, from shifts to hose
  • Georgian and Regency, from panniers to pantalettes
  • Victorian and Edwardian, from chemise to corset cover
  • Vintage and 20th century unmentionables
  • Modern bra making demystified
Module 5


Thinking of going professional one day (or today?) Just want to make something for a friend without getting into an argument? Find out

  • When to go pro, and when to quit
  • How to plan out and set up a business of your own
  • What to expect in costume related careers
  • How to deal with clients
  • How to start a ready to wear line
  • How to promote yourself with confidence


Frequently Asked Questions
Testimonial - Ariana

“FR has helped me to become a much better and more accurate costumer.... it has really filled in the blanks, so to speak. I have gotten so much advice and info from the group that I feel like I could never have made my latest project without the help.”

Ariana Bauer


this is for you if...

  • You want to take control of your wardrobe
  • You want to explore your creativity and be your authentic self
  • You have a commitment to master the skills you need to get it done.
  • You're a self starter, willing to keep trying until you build the skills you need to succeed.
  • You're SO ready to see results and become your best self

This is not for you if...

  • You're not ok in a vibrant, diverse community
  • You get bored easily
  • You want someone else to do the hard work for you
  • You really want to do this but you don't have the time to dedicate to it right now
  • You're only doing this because all the cool kids are doing it

Transform your sewing


If this resonates, then say "yes".

  • Yes to a drop dead fabulous wardrobe of your own design.
  • Yes to great results with a lot less hairpulling.
  • Yes to authenticity, courage and confidence, getting out of your own way, and letting your best self shine through.

We look forward to being your guides along the way.

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