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Corset Patent # 79647, L.H. Foy, 1868

Carly recreates an 1868 corset patent for her own unique body type, using Laura Loft's Silverado corset instructions. 1: drafting and first mock-up.

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Thank you, very good his step by step, only I have some doubts with some words, since I have to use an electronic translator.http://www.foundationsreve aled.com/media/jxtended/img/smilies/default/Smile.png
ooh yes! i tentatively wait for moar
Hello, I have a large friend whom I make the odd corset for, I am hugely interested in your method of measuring and hope to try this on her when I make her next one. I especially like the reasoning on "shifting" flesh about to make a slimmer waist. Many thanks.
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