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icon smKelli guides us through the patent on this unusual 1881 corset featuring covered metal springs and heavily gathered side-panels.

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Kelli, what a beautiful job you did!!! Thank you for this awesome addition to the resources available on this site. I am fascinated by the entire corset, but was especially interested in the back closure method. I have been searching for an alternative to the grommets for several reasons. In fact, I just ripped out the panel holding the back grommets for one corset I am working on because they just were not satisfactory for the chemise to be worn underneath and were too "harsh" for the corset. What kind of cord did you use for the back closure loops? Again, you did an amazing job on this.
Thank you so much! I just used regular nylon cording that I had left over from a roman blind project I had been working on. I had looked for a cotton as it would have been more in keeping with the original corset, but wasn't able to get my hands on it in time.
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