squarepicA corseted dress is a holy grail of many corsetiers. In part 1, Charlotte walks us through her process for pattern drafting one of these beauties. 

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One of the reasons, why I wanted to learn corsetry, is to make a corset dress. This article is so nice and looks easy to follow - I'll follow it as soon as I will be happy with my corset pattern lol
Just one question about the back - do you extend the back panel, where the lacing end, for the centre back to meet?
I'm not sure if I explain it correctly, sorry for my English

Last edited on 17.07.2019 12:14 by Charlotte Aurora Madsen
I'm so happy to hear you like it :D
I'm afraid I don't understand your question. English isn't my first language either :)
Do you mean extending lengthwise or the width?
I extend the length in the back to the length I want the dress to be. And then I add the lacing as long as I want, to be sure that I can fit into the dress. But when you look at the pattern, there is no difference in just the dress part and the lacing part. So you don't have to decide how the the lacing should be from the beginning. You can add it later on :)
Does that make sense?

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