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squarepicSimple garments, carefully packed away, not fancy enough to be on display, often tell us the most about the real lives and sewing of an era.

Getting that bustle bumpA study of three padded bustles in the Kentucky Historical Society Collection, showing how thrifty women stayed fashionable on a budget.

Berthe Morisot Psyche icon-smThis month we look at what to wear over the corset and under the dress, as well as appropriate fabrics and embroidery.

Two 1910's BrassieresHow did Edwardian women support their busts with such low cut corsets? Jen shares the details and patterns of two 1910's brassieres in her collection.

Edwardian and 1910’s BrassieresWhen corsets dipped below the bust in the early 1900s, what did women use to support the bust? How did bras develop into a must-have garment?

open-drawers-iconAn open pair of cotton drawers in the style of the 1840's  (but dated late 1850s to 1860s), with delicate whitework embroidery, sewn on a chain stitch machine.

squarepic In this series, Nikki looks through the Symington archives to give us a quick overview of the corset shapes of the Victorian era. 

1904 CorsetTrying to date a particular corset, track changes in lingerie fashion down to a few years, or just looking for new inspiration? Plenty here to keep you busy...

knit vest icon-smMarion shares with us a knitted silk undervest with a crocheted yoke that could date anywhere from 1880 to 1910.

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