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icon free smMay guides us through the process of making a corset pattern into a u-plunge corset dress, including fittings and finishings.

icon free smThe home sewer's approach to leather corsetmaking, one part professional technique, one part broke college student ingenuity.

icon free smWhat makes a corset, a corset? Jenni shares her basic six rules of "good" contemporary Victorian corsetry.

icon free smPart 3 of our bra pattern drafting/making series. You have taken measurements and drafted a pattern - now break out the sewing kit!

icon smMelanie discusses closures for latex outfits, including when and exactly how to set both visible and invisible zippers into latex.

icon free smLatex corsets are a contradiction: stretchy, not firm; glued, not sewn. Sannie Kralt shows you how to make one for yourself.

thumb 21 1872 corset smLuca has caused a sensation with his thoughts on synthetic whalebone, so we've invited him back to tell us more about his work.

icon smWhat if a Victorian corsetière had today’s tools and materials? Laurie answers by walking us through a beautiful corset.

icon smA close up look at the construction and details of an absolutely classic pair of mid eighteenth century stays - including the pattern.

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