Are you passionate about helping creative people grow their skills, their confidence, and their mental health? Do you like having a lot of freedom and flexibility in your work? Are you kind, thoughtful, and a pleasure to be around?

At Foundations Revealed we’re always looking for fantastic people to work with.

We’re fully virtual, which means you can work from wherever you want, as long as you’re based in the UK. It also means that great communication skills are a prerequisite for any position with us. If you make it through our rigorous selection process, you’ll be part of a dedicated team that’s all about creating magic… and having fun doing it.

So, are you in?

Chief Operations Officer - UK Only

Do you love managing projects? Are you fired up by the opportunity to lead and empower talented people? Do you thrive in a busy, creative environment, and would you love to work with a team who are changing creative lives around the world? If so, we are looking for you!

We are Harman Hay Publications Ltd, an online company based in the UK and founded by Cathy Hay in 2007.

Our membership program Foundations Revealed is a thriving community providing unique online learning opportunities to ambitious dressmakers and costume makers through written content, virtual lectures and workshops, and mentorship. Our community-wide public Competition is probably the biggest and most complex in its field, attracting a record 600 entries from across the world in 2021.

At the onset of the pandemic Foundations Revealed doubled in size in a single week and trebled within six months. This necessitated rapidly rebuilding the business from the ground up, upgrading all our systems to the latest platforms, rethinking the business model and trebling the size of our team to meet the challenges of a significantly bigger client base. In response to feedback, in 2021 we rebuilt our Competition to meet modern Diversity, Inclusion, Cohesion and Equity standards, and introduced a Scholarship program to encourage involvement from traditionally marginalised communities.

Now that we are settling into our new chapter, we're looking for a Chief Operations Officer to co-ordinate the day-to-day activities of our team of 17 so that they can deliver an outstanding service to our Stitchlings and the wider community.

This is a part-time virtual position, but you must be based in the UK. Proposed salary for the right candidate will be £45k-60k pro rata depending on experience, based on 3 days per week.


Overseeing all operational aspects of company strategy. Helping set strategic goals. Managing daily operations across the business, from team management to editorial to marketing to finance. Implementing policies and procedures that will improve day-to-day operations. Planning, managing, and implementing schedules to ensure deadlines are met, and maintaining a high quality standard of delivery.

Key responsibilities

  • Driving the delivery of our membership program to keep our promises and ensure members' success.
  • Championing a culture of diversity, inclusion, cohesion, and equity across the business, both internally and externally
  • Managing the growth and success of the team
  • Ensuring smooth project management and implementation
  • Payment processing such as monthly salaries and supplier invoices
  • Planning, scheduling, and reviewing workload and team capacity to make sure targets are being met on a sustainable and cost-effective basis
  • Working directly with the CEO to plan and implement special projects, such as free events, enrolment periods, and the Competition
  • Monitoring client needs through connection with the mentoring and community concierge team
  • Liaising with outside support networks, such as our IT, website, HR, and accounting teams
  • Providing guidance and support to team members with varying needs
  • Championing a culture of accountability and consistent project & program management practices to help deliver results within the team
  • Measuring and reporting to CEO on marketing performance, enrollment, retention, client satisfaction, and cashflow.
  • Being highly adaptable and agile in a dynamic and fast-paced environment; thriving within ambiguity.
  • Effectively setting expectations and having critical conversations.
  • Maintaining regular communication with leadership.


The ideal candidate will have the following:

  • 5+ years experience in operations management, implementing strategy, managing a dynamic and diverse team, and overseeing seamless delivery.
  • Comfortable leading and developing teams
  • Highly organised and able to manage time and workload effectively
  • Strong values around inclusion, kindness, and service; we are a friendly organisation who look after each other and our clients and audience
  • Close attention to detail, consistently demonstrating good judgment, critical thinking, and effective problem solving.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills, particularly in connecting with teams across an organization.
  • Able to provide written and verbal feedback in a virtual space. You share ideas and strategies for how to improve performance and you continually look for opportunities to improve yourself and others.
  • Strong work ethic; willing to go the extra mile to achieve results, especially during mission-critical times such as our twice yearly enrolment periods and the Competition.
  • A creative problem solver. The online landscape shifts and changes quickly, so we want someone who can think ahead, spot opportunities and trends, and respond to change quickly
  • Familiar with Microsoft Teams. If you don’t know how to use a particular tool, you’re capable of learning the ropes quickly.
  • Comfortable working in a virtual environment (our team is 100% virtual).
  • Maintaining an uninterrupted internet connection is a requirement of this virtual position. You may be asked to upgrade your existing service or switch providers to meet the job requirements.
  • Awareness of the legal framework in which UK companies need to operate and when specific guidance or legal advice should be sought.

How to apply

Create a 3 minute video introducing yourself and telling us why you're a great fit for this job. Don't be afraid to be yourself - we want to get to know you and find out whether we'll get on well. Tell us about your experience, why people love working for you, and tell us about a time you worked on a challenging, cross-departmental project - what made it great, and how you helped achieve a specific result.


We'll be accepting applications with CVs for this position until Sunday, 17th April 2022 at


Harman Hay Publications Ltd. are committed to working towards diversity, inclusion, cohesion and equity (DICE). We believe that this is a journey of continual and committed long term improvement behind the scenes, and not just of momentary public relations. We aim to attract qualified candidates who hold these same values and help us to further recognize and celebrate the diversity among us.