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icon smNikki helps us identify different seam types and how (or how not) to use them in your corsetry creations.

iconHere's everything you ever wanted to know about ribbon corsets: drawings, patterns & real life examples, historical & modern.

iconInformation on anything other than the simplest latex corsets is sparse. Melanie takes on a more complex experiment.

icon smMark shows us different ways to re-style the Long Leg All-in-One Bodyshaper garment, including sporty & more "intimate" stylings.

icon smIn the intersection between physiotherapy & period costume Grimilde separates the fact from fiction about corsets & back pain.

iconDoris walks us through the final corset from this original 1911 design, styled in the elegant elongated shape of 18th century stays.

icon smNow that we have a fully fitted mockup, Barbara guides us through the process of making the final corset with wired cups.

icon smJennifer introduces us to one of the misfits of the corsetry world, the metal corset, which has mysterious roots and purposes.

icon smNow that we have a pattern, Mark takes us through the process of building and finishing these undergarments with legs!

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