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Blue corset iconMarion continues her series on the "Best of" Foundations Revealed, covering articles on pattern drafting, adapting and modifying corsets.

icon smLowana discusses her life in corsetry, including tips on business, photography, and making your professional dreams a reality.

icon smDocumenting the creation process, the final corset, and the corset on your client are all opportunities to obtain images for your portfolio.

icon smKelly compares synthetic (plastic) whalebone with spiral steel by making two identical late Victorian corsets. Which works best?

Materials for corsetryAn easy guide to the best articles to help you find what you're looking for. For new readers, it's an insight into the depth of the collection.

icon smSewing and corsetry can be tough on our hands. Marion discusses her RSI story, and explains what she's done to help herself heal. 

LaMode iconNikki experiments with this beautiful pattern of short length, devastating curves, and lots of gores, testing her seaming and boning choices.

Patent Challenge H.S. Strauss No. 208049, Pt 2In this second instalment, Clare will take us through the process of making the final corset and the lessons she learned from this project.

icon smApril finishes this beautiful corset, sharing lessons she learned about alterations, welt seams, flossing & choosing the right model.

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