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icon smNikki takes us through this alternative Edwardian front-closing corset, aimed at making the process of self-lacing easier for a lady.

icon smAnya introduces Tambour beading, an embellishment technique using a hook/needle hybrid on fabric stretched in a frame.

icon free smAstrida gives us the facts on some corsetting myths that simply refuse to die, thanks in part to Hollywood, and also to popular fiction.

icon smJennifer walks us through this beautiful corset-waist, a light duty corset meant to still give support but to allow greater movement and flexibility.

icon smIn part two of her series, Kat discusses the pattern text, pre-construction and construction of this beautiful corset.

icon free smLuca details why we should be using synthetic boning instead of steel for certain applications, and why it is actually more authentic!

icon smLowana shares the final results of her experiment to test a 1911 Edwardian cupped corset pattern as drafted by CAD software.

US332245 iconEmily tackles this corset patent which attempts to avoid gores at the breast whilst still achieving 'a perfect fit upon the person'.

icon-smIn part one of her series, Kat discusses a Victorian patent, designed to create graceful Grecian curves, the pattern and how it was made.

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