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icon-smLowana shares the results of her experiment to test a 1911 Edwardian cupped corset pattern as drafted by CAD software.

icon-smInspired by the gilded form seen in many a Sparklewren photograph, Anya has another go at making a display form - with sparkle!

icon-smLuthien studies a transitional corset which, aesthetically, follows the ultra curvy corsets of the late Victorian/ early Edwardian eras.

icon-smBarbara guides us through the process of making a mock-up, and doing fittings and adjustments, for cupped corsets.

icon-smLaurie provides an in-depth case study of this beautiful, lace-trimmed, 'Victorian Edwardian' Corset - an intriguing auction find.

icon-smJennifer explores a vintage pattern for combination drawers, including detailed instructions for taking measurements.

icon-smMarta discusses the merits of burlap and how to work with this unconventional material to create a beautiful and unusual corset.

icon-smWearability for the modern day comes from giving full bust coverage, enabling the Sanakor to be worn as both under- and outerwear!

Karolina-L-smThis week we interview Karolina Laskowska, of Karolina Laskowska Lingerie, about her past, present and exciting future plans.

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