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icon-smDiscussing a fundamental element of the 1950's wardrobe, with a detailed how-to for a slip to be worn under sheath style dresses.

Cupped corsetsRoyal Black shares secrets of creating cupped corsets, using a standard overbust corset pattern & well fitting ready-to-wear bra.

icon-smCecile's series continues with a summary and analysis of the information in the original patent regarding boning and finishing.

Unknown young woman, about 1895, author's personal collectionWhy should you care about the history of corsetry? Because the techniques they used to "get the look" can be used by us too.

icon-smAnya continues her dressform journey by documenting her own process of making a body cast for accurate fittings.

icon-smJennifer tells us how much she enjoyed the construction of this beautiful & romantic 1911 Cupped Corset from Jeremy's previous article.

icon-smSégolène studies a set of stays that are a rare surviving example of mid-18th century functional, working class undergarments.

icon-smMark takes an in-depth, technically-detailed look into shapewear garments & how they're constructed to achieve a bodycon look.

icon free smJenni discusses three corsets that she recently saw on a trip to Somerset House, the Bath Fashion Museum and The Barbican.

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