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icon-smIn this second article in the series, Cecile will focus on the construction of the final corset based from the previously modified pattern.

icon-smAnna introduces the sheer negligee of the 1950s and 60s; a versatile lingerie garment, and easy to make in a variety of different forms.

icon-smJeremy covers how to use python scripts to create custom corset patterns on your computer with any given measurements.

icon-smAnya consolidates some of the information on dress forms, discussing different techniques and their various pros and cons.

icon-smIn this second article of his series on two fascinating Edwardian corsets, Jeremy now drafts a pattern for the 1911 corset with bra cups.

icon-smIn part 2, Nikki recreates the design of this unusual Edwardian corset from the Symington collection using the pattern from part 1.

icon-smThe first of a series in which Anya will summarise her mannequin quest to assist in creating your own dress form or display mannequin.

icon-smKelly discusses some basic types of corsetry embellishment techniques to get you started on the road to unique custom creations.

icon-smIn this series, Jeremy presents two different 1911 corsets that share the same back and have similar design elements, and describes the drafting of both.

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