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icon-smElastic ribbon corsets give you the look of a corset, but with the comfort of modern garments. Izabela explains what it takes to create one.

icon free smBarbara Pesendorfer, of Royal Black, shares her secret techniques to getting a super smooth outer finish on fabric or PVC using roll pinning.

icon-smMay continues her discussion by showing us how to apply the invisible method of boning construction to this beautiful plunge-neck corset dress.

icon smIn part 2, Mark walks us through grading a bra which has two size variants; bra cup size and band or girth size, for a more advanced grading lesson.

icon-smCarmene guides us through making "a well-fitted corset made by every housewife or active woman who needs to move" from 1855.

icon-smRossanne explores decorative ways to change the perceived shape of the body through corset design, to best flatter yourself or your clients.

icon smMark helps to demystify the art and science of grading garment patterns into a range of sizes, while retaining the original style and function.

icon free smKim discusses the Welt Seam or Folded Seam method of corset construction, which is quick, precise, and produces a very durable corset.

icon-smJennifer discusses the circular flounce chemise, which adds even more fluidity and femininity to the shape and drape of the standard early C20th chemise.

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