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icon-smThe first of a series in which Anya will summarise her mannequin quest to assist in creating your own dress form or display mannequin.

icon-smKelly discusses some basic types of corsetry embellishment techniques to get you started on the road to unique custom creations.

icon-smIn this series, Jeremy presents two different 1911 corsets that share the same back and have similar design elements, and describes the drafting of both.

icon free smNikki introduces us to this beautiful and unique corset, and begins the task of bringing it to life by taking a pattern from an original.

icon-smBarbara continues her series by sharing the contents of her own corsetry masterclass, how she prepared for the event, and how it went.

icon-smJennifer brings her late Victorian corsetry project to completion, creating a corset she is very happy with and in the color of the year, to boot!

iconCreative blocks can be so frustrating. Marion shares tips on how to refresh your creative batteries and allow yourself the space to create.  

icon free sm

A unique collection of historic corset flossing designs from which members and non-members can draw inspiration.

icon-smCecile delves into how to adapt a 1902 Kops Corset Patent 712,312 classic Edwardian S-bend corset to fit her body shape.

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