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icon-smAlison helps steer us through the complicated area of photoshoot types and photography usage rights, as well as some associated legal issues such as permissions.

icon-smAnna introduces us to making our own shapewear - allowing you to create retro-inspired pieces especially designed for and to match special outfits!

icon-smWorking as an intern is one way to learn a specialist skill like corsetry. Rosie discusses whether interning is either a benefit or a disadvantage.

icon-smLisa takes on a corsetry challenge and shows us how she created a beautiful quick-change garment for the burlesque stage, including an integrated corset.

icon-smIzabela delves into the making of this modern corset using sheer and synthetic whalebone to achieve a dramatic Gothic, or maybe even ‘cyberpunk’, look.

icon-smMarianne helps guide us through the task of developing a ready-to-wear corset style, from design through to the final graded patterns.

icon-smLet Mother Nature inspire your designs! Izabela walks us through making this one-of-a-kind corset-dress made from seasonally-available materials.

icon smMark discusses the issues around bra industry sizing standards, and explores how to create bras for different sized cups that are both proportional and attractive.

icon-smJennifer constructs this beautiful Victorian corset in which adding, removing, or resizing panels propose to make it uniquely adjustable for fit and comfort.

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