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icon-smLuthien continues her journey with this corset from Norah Waugh's famous book through construction, embellishment and her final thoughts.

icon-smMark takes us through the process of how to pattern draft and make a pair of tights or panty hose, and some custom control shorts.

icon-smLuthien sets herself an Edwardian challenge by recreating the 1901 corset from Norah Waugh’s book 'Corsets and Crinolines'.

icon-smMarianne discusses different body types and how to go about creating custom corsets to fit these various forms, from a business perspective.

icon-smEarly C20th lingerie evolved to compliment new fashions. Jennifer studies the brassiere as seen in 1921: half corset; half snug fitting, structured tank top.

icon-smAndrea guides us through the mockup of the Mina Sebille’s Patent US39964 which is a basic corset pattern comprised of only five pieces per side.

icon-smElastic ribbon corsets give you the look of a corset, but with the comfort of modern garments. Izabela explains what it takes to create one.

icon free smBarbara Pesendorfer, of Royal Black, shares her secret techniques to getting a super smooth outer finish on fabric or PVC using roll pinning.

icon-smMay continues her discussion by showing us how to apply the invisible method of boning construction to this beautiful plunge-neck corset dress.

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