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icon smMark discusses the issues around bra industry sizing standards, and explores how to create bras for different sized cups that are both proportional and attractive.

icon-smJennifer constructs this beautiful Victorian corset in which adding, removing, or resizing panels propose to make it uniquely adjustable for fit and comfort.

icon-smLelanie experiments with removing the gussets from an Edwardian corset pattern to suit her modern sensibilities about, and style of, corsetmaking.

icon-smIzabela takes the late Victorian Higby corset pattern from her last article and creates a striking, modern Steampunk version using buckskin leather.

icon-smAlison de-mystifies the world of social media, and how you can best use these tools to help grow your business, customer base and the corsetry community.

icon-smKatie-Louise guides us through the completion of this beautiful Victorian corset and discusses the changes she would make to the pattern if she made it again.

icon-smHannah uses information gained from her first article about this late C19th pattern to construct and finish a beautiful corset using silk organza, coutil and steel.

icon-smSannie discusses issues that are not always talked about by professional corsetiers: making a living from corsetry and knowing when to close your business.

icon smAlison explores the stationery, business cards and print advertising that you need to run a successful business, and how to prepare artwork for these.

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