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icon-smRachel talks us through her journey to re-create this late-Victorian corset, which is ideal for 'well endowed' ladies with a curvy, hourglass figure.

icon-smLisa demonstrates ‘the duct tape method’ of pattern drafting - it's especially helpful for people who are better with 3D than with measurements and a calculator.

icon-smIn Part 3, Anna guides us through finishing the fitting and getting started on the final version of this Edwardian underbust corset for the 2013 competition.

icon-smMark discusses the drafting, fitting and creation of this classic - but notoriously complicated - non-wired bra which gives excellent bust support and shape.

finished-iconAs fashion changed in the early C20th, so did underwear. Kelly guides us through the making of a teens brassiere, or corset cover, to go under an evening gown.

icon smLuthien walks us through the construction, decoration and finishing of this beautiful overbust corset, including changes to the original Victorian pattern.

icon-smThis month, Anna works with us on refining the fit and starts to think about the final design of this Edwardian transitional corset for our 2013-14 competition.

icon-smJennifer guides us through drafting, fitting and decorating a vintage Edwardian-style princess slip; a useful item of underwear in any lady's trousseau!

icon-smNow the mock-up has been fitted, we move on to the construction of the final corset and find out just how wearable this Edwardian overbust style is.

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