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icon-smTaking the block pattern from her previous Envelope Chemise, Jennifer creates more fabulous 1920s-style lingerie; a Step-In Chemise and Ribbon Camisole.

 icon-smKatie-Louise guides us through the interpretation of this style, through fitting all the way to making a toile of this beautiful Victorian corset.

icon-smLisa uses the pattern drafted in part one to create a mockup and finished 18th century inspired corset with garter tabs.

icon-smMarta shares her experience of creating a beautiful corset out of this sheer material and pinpoints some key discoveries about working with transparent fabrics.

icon-smAlison gives us some tips and pointers on how to create an effective and long-lasting logo when starting, marketing and promoting a corsetry business.

icon-smHannah gets us started with this beautiful late 19th century corset and tests the patent's claim to provide ‘best possible shape with greatest comfort’.

icon-smRachel talks us through the completion of this beautiful C19th corset in the final fabrics, creating an elegant yet supportive base for ladies of a curvaceous nature.

icon-smIzabela works through the entire process of creating this unusual C19th corset from just an online explanation of the patent to a fully-developed undergarment!

icon-smMaja creates a semi mesh corset using spot broche in contrast panels of a transparent fabric, giving a very feminine shape with an accentuated waist to hip ratio.

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