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Sliverado Corset part 6Continuing the series, making a professional corset step by step with Laura's long-awaited Two Layer "Cheat" Method for boning channels.

1912-13 corsetMichelle tackles C.L. Olmstead's 1912-13 corset patent and learns a lot about good corset making, especially about fabric selection...

Leather Corset MakingLeather is considered to be one of the most difficult materials to work with, but it doesn't have to be. Marta shows us a few simple ways to make it easy. 

Silverado part 5Continuing the Silverado series, making a professional corset step by step, with Laura's long-awaited how-to for External Boning Channels.

1905 Savoye CorsetAntje tackles the first of two corset designs from Savoye's 1905 patent # 845582, featuring a special panel designed to show off some great embroidery.

Santa stealing a kiss, Puck magazine, 1905Regardless of whether you've been naughty or nice this year, we've got lots of tempting ideas for your gift list, from kits to calendars, and from tools to books!

 Atelier Sylphe InterviewJoëlle of Atelier Sylphe isn't an easy corsetiere to categorize; blending historical corsets with modern styling, and mixing with a touch of whimsy.

Getting that bustle bumpA study of three padded bustles in the Kentucky Historical Society Collection, showing how thrifty women stayed fashionable on a budget.

Supporting a Large Bust, part 2Analysing the secrets of success of the finished corset from the last article, plus: how can gussets and shoulder straps be used to support a large bust?

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