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Tool Time Mark dishes out some helpful hints and tools for corset making, including a faster way of cording, plus bone tipping and eyelet reinforcement.


Edwardian and 1910’s BrassieresWhen corsets dipped below the bust in the early 1900s, what did women use to support the bust? How did bras develop into a must-have garment?

icon free smMany corsetmakers accept long distance orders. Is it a good idea? Jenni explores the benefits and pitfalls, and offers tips and advice.

Push Up and Sling Bras 2Part 2 of Push Up and Sling Bras series. You've drafted the cups in part 1, now we'll draft the bra wing with gated back fastening, and sew the push up bra.

icon free smMany corsetieres would have you believe that a "real" corset is only made from coutil. However, other fabrics can be used, if they pass a series of tests.

Corset Elastique, redrawing of 1803 fashion plate from Le Corset (1905) by Doctor Ludovic O’FollowellThe Corset Elastique, or Elastic Stay, is an interesting oddity in the little-known world of Regency era corsets. Amanda investigates.

Cup shaping and designIn this article on bra design we will look at more cup shaping options, push up bras, and sling bras, and try to solve the problem of "east westing". 

Ivory Flame in a Sparklewen corsetIs it worth spending money on a professional photo shoot? What are the possibilities and pitfalls? Jenni tells us how to do it and what to look out for.

Details of the finished corsetAndrea makes a final bridal-styled version of the 1882 Strauss patent corset, perfecting the technique and adding gorgeous lace and amazing flossing!

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